"There ain't nobody here but us chickens."
Louis Jordan.

Between them, The Henhouse Band have played thousands of shows at the world's most glamourous gin-joints and most glorious dive-bars in dozens of countries, (and cruiseships, and even onboard a plane!) The Speakeasy Spirit is in safe hands!.

The Players | Regular Band Members

Sillouette Singer | Minnie du Ton

Minnie du Ton

"Du ton" means the pitch of a note, or the colour of a voice. Minnie embodies the female performer in the recording age, but colours the world her own way; some days simultaneously brassy and fragile.

Like every good saloon manager, she is more than capable of keeping her rowdy patrons in order.

Sillouette Double Bass | Bassist | The Rooster | George London

The Rooster

George 'Rooster' London is Minnie's business partner and musical director, which means he likes to sniff around The Hens and try to tell people what to do. Onstage he plays upright bass and contradicts Minnie.

It's her name above the Henhouse door, but some days Minnie lets The Rooster believe that he's in charge.

Sillouette Drum Kit | Drummer | James JJ Johnston

JJ Johnston - drums |

James 'JJ' Johnston has been striking skins with sticks since he got his first drum kit at the age of two.

When not providing backbone at the Henhouse, he can be found running Shock & Awe recording studios in north London, or on a stage somewhere shuffling out jazz, boogie-woogie, blues or rockabilly rhythms.

Sillouette Guitar | Guitarist | Paul White

Paul 'Ice Man' White - guitars | twitter

A great guitarist with a bursting kitbag including classical, resonator and electric guitars.

Paul's wielded an axe for more bands, on more stages and studios than we could possibly list here, and as a member of the Shock & Awe studio family it was natural that he'd become part of ours too.

Sillouette Saxophone | Saxophonist | Tenor Sax | Chris J Rand

Chris J Rand - saxophones & clarinets |

Chris loves to please a crowd and since the first time he joined us with his saxophones and clarinet, we grab every opportunity to have him onstage with us.

He's one of the UK’s most talented saxophone side men, and has played and recorded with the top jazz, blues and rock artists around the world.

Sillouette Violin Girl | Violinist | String Soloist | Jenna Ma Honey

Jenna Ma Honey - violin |

The violin doesn’t fall into the typified mould of a background instrument and neither does its charmer. With a training ground in orchestral, vaudeville, punk, pop and gypsy, Jenna is driven by a passion to mesmerise.

Jenna's more than just a musician; watch this space to see what other performances she and Minnie concoct.

Sillouette Piano | Pianist | Jonathan 'Boothy' Boothroyd

Jonathan 'Boothy' Boothroyd - piano & saxophone

Jon joined the Henhouse when we needed a late-notice musician, but his skill and temperament quickly established him as a valuable part of the band's core at the piano.

His diverse musical background and love of the Great American Songbook makes Boothy a fabulous pianist for us (and it's also really useful that he blows a mean tenor sax!)

House Guests | Returning Guest Musicians

Sillouette Jazz Guitar | Guitarist | Acoustic Guitar

Rhythm Section

Clement Regert | Guitars |

Nick 'Chops' Harris | Guitars |

Simon Lambert | Piano | twitter

Tim Doyle | Vibraphone |

Sillouette Contrabass | Double Bass Player | Bassist | Upright Bass Tom 'Icebreaker' Mansi | Double Bass |

Andy Goodall | Drums | twitter

David Eugene Webb | Drums

Emanuel 'Emi' Agbo | Drums

Trumpet | Trumpet | Trombones| Saxophones | Brass Section |

Horns & Strings

Matt Telfer | Tenor & Soprano Saxes |

Dan Forshaw | Tenor Saxophone |

Simeon Jones | Tenor Saxophone | website

Jamie Harris | Tenor & Baritone Saxes |

Sillouette Violin | Viola | String Section | Pete 'Saxxy' Jenkins | Tenor Saxophone

Tony O'Malley | Trumpet

Jon Spaynol | Trombone |

Joe Rodwell | Trumpet |

'Pinstripe Pete' Walker | Trumpet, Tenor Sax & Clarinet

David Kraft | Violin

Sillouette Jazz Singers | Vocalists

Guest Singers

Johanna 'Torch Song Tilly' Lee | soundcloud

Lana Shelley |

Tom 'Icebreaker' Mansi |

Jess Newark & Louise Holland (The Hey Las) |

Claire Benjamin |

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